Laser Acupuncture

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese therapy, involving the use of burning Moxa (the herb Mugwort). Moxa is used to gently heat acupuncture points and areas of the body to assist in healing. Moxa may be applied in many ways. It is commonly used as a moxa stick, a cigar like roll of the dried herb, held close to the body near acupuncture points. It may also be applied in small cones direct to the skin, or attached to the end of acupuncture needles which are warmed as the herb burns. Moxa is a very gentle and relaxing treatment which may be used by itself or in combination with other techniques.


Moxibustion is often used in chronic conditions when a person's own healing ability is depleted or inefficent. Moxa may be used to alleviate pain and injury, assist digestion, aid in sleeping problems, and stimulate healing.

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